Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Something a little different...

So, I know I've been a bad blogger! I have a quick update that isn't knitting- or literature-related.

But one quick thing first...

For New Year's Eve, my handsome boyfriend and I went to this awesome bar in West LA called The Wellesbourne. It pretty much looks like an old timey library. But the best part? THEY HAD A COCKTAIL CALLED THE MACBETH. I know. I KNOW. I died.

So anyway.

I haven't had much time for knitting, but my latest obsession (well, it's really a recurring obsession) is nail polish. I've been getting obsessed with the nail polish blogs out there, and I just found a great one tonight, Colour Coated. And lucky us, she's having a giveaway for her blogiversary! So head on over there and enter the contest to win some sweet prizes, like the entire Finger Paints Special Effects collection (swatched by The Polish Aholic, another favorite blog of mine)! Plus some freakin' Cult Nails! Drool.

Entering is easy; just subscribe to the blog, follow Colour Coated on Twitter, tweet about it, and/or blog about it! Hee hee.  And the best part is each one counts as another entry! Do it!!!!

What I love about nail polish, much like my mad love affair with yarn, is the gorgeous drop dead colors. And I love how pretty a new coat of nail polish can make you feel. If I didn't have a million other things to do, plus a much-neglected knitting blog, I would totally start a nail polish blog, like my other literarily crafty friend, Jill! I love how many bloggers are just normal gals like me! Way to go, ladies! And gent?

So mosey on over and enter the contest!

Now go read some poetry,