Monday, September 12, 2011

Knitting and Dirty Talk

Hello, knitters and poets! And knitter and poet enthusiasts!

I know I've been terribly, terribly remiss in posting lately. I had a rough August, fighting off some depression. But I am feeling loads better, and I'm back in school for the fall, and feeling all kinds of inspired to knit, and write poetry, and blog about knitting and writing (and reading!) poetry!

So let's get caught up, shall we? Your favorite Lit Knitter has been knitting up a storm. I'm linking you guys to my project page on Ravelry for each of these so you can see what yarn I used and get to the orignical pattern. Enjoy!

I've gotten on a bit of a shawl kick (it seems to be the consensus among my knitter friends these days), and have completed two with two more on the needles.

Summer Flies
This shawl was quick and so fun! I did most of it while babysitting, and the rest on a road trip up to Chico and back with my friend and her sister. The only thing about this pattern is that I wish it also had charted directions, instead of just written. But the end product was totes worth it.

Earth and Sky
This was so fun! I knitted this as part of Westknit's Mystery Shawl Knit Along on Ravelry. Four clues, one a week for four weeks. It was really fun seeing this progress, and not knowing how it would look when it was all done. The best part is, I probably would never have chosen this pattern for myself, but now that it's all done, I absolutely love it. The Koigu is a dream all knitted up and this is just the right size. Love.

This is a free pattern on Knitty and the Knit Picks is super light and soft all knitted up. The color doesn't show up so well in this picture, but it's called "Pearlescent" and it's all different beiges and off-whites. Very pretty. This is a birthday present for my really good friend whose birthday I forgot. Handknits make everything better, right?! Right!

Oslo Walk Shawl
This is a birthday present for my mom, and since she's so understanding, it has been put on the back burner to make room for other projects. bad picture, but this is going to be GORGEOUS when done. Malabrigo Lace with seed beads knitted in, and laaaace! Love.

I also finished those bad ass Lithuanian colorwork mittens I was testing for Donna Druchunas, and am now working on matching socks.

Rachellynnec's super inspiring blog and Small Knits KAL had me inspired to whip up this ruffled scarf in two days! The grossy heat wave we had got the blocking done quick on this one (106 degrees? Barf.).

Just Enough Ruffles

And I finally got around to knitting a cozy for the Nook Color that I bought my boyfriend for Valentine's Day earlier this year. Good girlfriend achievement unlocked!

Nook Color Cozy


Soon as I finish up the socks and the Citron shawl, I'm cooking up a surprise with Miss Britt Vicious, for her blog Miss Vicious Knits. Check this speedy knitter out, her blog is super fun and she is mah friend, and a big part of what inspired me to get off my ass and blog today!


In literature news, I am officially a first year grad student! My favorite professor emailed me before the start of the semester with the news that she has cancer and is taking a medical leave this semester. I was really looking forward to having her mentor me this semester. She is planning on being back next semester, though! I'm praying for her everyday, and would love any help with those prayers.

There's a chance I will be going to IRELAND next summer for a summer abroad in Dublin and the James Joyce conference! However, I don't know the exact dates of the program yet, and the best bestie's wedding is next summer, and as Maid of Honor, that is my Numero Uno priority. Speaking of which, shawl for bestie's wedding is on hold until I can afford the THREE THOUSAND beads needed. And, I've decided to knit myself a shawl, too, to wear with my maid of honor gown if the evening gets chilly. I'm thinking Torreyana in a silver grey, with lilac beads to match my gown. Lovely? Yes!

Are we reacquainted then? I think you're all caught up on my goings on, but what about you all? Leave a comment, tell me what you want to see me talk about here. And in honor of Joyce, and the fact that I'm a perv, I will link you to Joyce's dirty letters to his wife Nora. They start off pretty sexy, and move into major fetishville right quick. Oh, Joyce. We love you. But seriously, they're pretty dirty, so if you get offended easily, read some Wordsworth instead. I like reading what well-respected, famous authors considered naughty.

Now go read some old timey erotica,